Keeping our eyes and ears open…..


What Can You Do Now?

  • Read the many news and other articles linked to this website.

  • Keep up to date with Komen News via this website, and other news outlets.

  • Contact the Komen parent organization directly or talk to your local Komen affiliate.

  • Engage in discussions with friends, family and colleagues.

  • Explore the breast cancer blogging, Facebook and Twitter communities and join relevant discussions.

  • Peruse and share this list of “Tools for Action” via the Pink Ribbon Blues blog.

  • Write to the Editor of your local newspaper.

  • Earmark your donations for the programs you wish to support.

  • Republish and cite KomenWatch Editorials and the KomenWatch Agenda for the Future. Use these references to moderate your own discussion about the topics important to you.

Do You Have Questions or Concerns about Komen?

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