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Buzz About KW

  • “Kudos to KomenWatch.org.”
  • “Thank you for this great resource. The name is perfect. Keep watching, please!”
  • Your Agenda for the Future is comprehensive and spells out exactly what is needed…and what many activists and advocates have been saying in their own circles for years. It’s past time to move this agenda along. While Komen is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in the pink ribbon industry, it controls the money and the most widely disseminated messages about breast cancer. Kudos to KomenWatch!
  • “I work for a breast cancer education and advocacy nonprofit. Your Agenda for the Future could have been drawn directly from our advocacy work over the last 20 years. Just wanted to let you know that it feels wonderful to have another ally in these endeavors to address the problems with the “breast cancer industry.” We need prevention, less toxic, more effective & accessible treatment, and we need to address the social injustices that lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes. And that’s just a start! Thank you for this incredible resource!”
  • “Hello Komenwatch! You are awesome for providing this well-documented resource. Everyone at BCA was beaming while reviewing your site. Obviously, your website and information fits well with our Think Before You Pink campaign. You do a wonderful job cutting through Komen’s PR campaign to establish a true picture of the organization.”
  • “I am thrilled to find your site! Particularly the updates on those small local breast cancer outreach non profits, who are treated poorly by the big corporation. It’s not all about the almighty dollar, and when you provide something SGK doesn’t it’s sad you have to watch your back constantly! In this time of fighting school bullies, it’s so sad to see bullying within the cause to help women affected by breast cancer.”
  • “I applaud you. Your [Scent of Exploitation] article highlights the exploits of these corporate charities under the guise of breast cancer. Breast cancer has become a commercial venture which makes a tremendous amount of money. It’s all about power and control not to mention the politics. Being a young naive breast cancer patient wanting to help others. I was approached by a corporate charity and invited to contribute to a brochure on hair loss, in order to gain funding for women of colour. I jumped at the invitation only to learn that my comments were edited out to suit the charity. Two years later i suffered a recurrence i was horrified to discover that the funding the charity received to develop information around wigs and hair loss for women of colour was re-directed elsewhere. I learned the hard way, corporate charities only seek to exploit  patients. Patients that challenge the status Quo get neglected and silenced.
  • In reference to Komen’s new Promise Me fragrance: “Pinkwashing has been a nasty phenomenon for quite a while, one of the bigger culprits being Ford Motors, but now here comes Komen, getting in on the business. Let’s just ignore the potential carcinogenic effect of modern parfumerie, let’s also ignore that many cancer patients endure horrible chemical sensitivity that makes everyday perfumes toxic to them, in order to slap on that label and make $1.50 for “research” per $60 bottle.”
  • “Dear KW: Fantastic analysis. As you suggested in your editorial ‘The Scent of Exploitation,’ what started thirty years ago in the name of awareness has become ‘a pseudo-corporation intent on keeping itself in business by marketing pink lifestyle products under the global brand of breast cancer.’ Aye, aye, aye.”
  • “I like your Komen Watch much better than this one!: http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Swiss-Susan-Womens-249018-SGK/dp/B003051GD2
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