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Charity Risks Good Will With Legal Action

Title: Charity Risks Good Will With Legal Action

Author: P.S. Jones

Publication:  Moxy Magazine

Publication Date: February 14, 2011

When it comes to breast cancer charities, the biggest name in the world is Susan G. Komen For The Cure, a charity started by Nancy Goodman Brinker when her older sister died of the disease in 1980. In the over 25 years the charity has existed, it has reportedly donated over $1.5 billion dollars to breast cancer awareness, research and patient services. Although it is the biggest breast cancer charity in the world, Komen has seen plenty of criticism about its practices over the years, including its association with Planned Parenthood and “pinkwashing” products that aren’t necessarily promoting healthy lifestyles with its logo. Recently the charity has been under fire for using funds to conduct legal wars against other charities.

Since their rebranding initiatives in 2007, Komen has spent nearly a million dollars a year in an effort to keep other charities and organizations from using “for the cure” in their names. From “Kites For The Cure” to “Cupcakes For The Cure,” any organization that seems similar to Komen’s name or logo has faced legal opposition. In late 2010, several news sources, including the Wall Street Journal, ran polarizing stories about the legitimacy of Komen’s actions. Many supporters are upset that the money they entrusted to the organization has been funding petty legal actions against other charitable organizations.

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