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Komen’s Leadership in Question

Title: Komen’s Leadership in Question

Author: Gayle Sulik

Publication: Pink Ribbon Blues blog

Publication Date:

“The fury over Komen’s official responses to the trademark debacle continues to mount as individuals, breast cancer advocates, journalists, bloggers, and the diagnosed raise numerous questions about Komen’s trademark policing, hubris, and financial allocations. Despite an ambiguous admission on the Nightly News with Brian Williams that Komen may have been “overzealous” in its trademark protection and that the organization is “not perfect,” Komen maintains its official response that it sees trademark protection as “responsible stewardship” of donor funds.

For many, the Komen trademark feuds have been a touchstone for larger concerns about the commercialization of breast cancer, the festive environment surrounding the cause, the incremental advancements in modern medicine that make ‘cure’ an elusive term, the need for basic scientific research and increased attention to causation and primary prevention, and the dominion of one organization within a broad and diverse breast cancer movement. The need to “cure” more ills than breast cancer. This is not to say that the Komen organization hasn’t done some good.”

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