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Escape from the Heartland – Atrazine, Susan G. Komen, and KFC

Title: Escape from the Heartland – Atrazine, Susan G. Komen, and KFC

Author: Sandra Steingraber

Publication: Huffington Post

Publication Date: May 5, 2010

“The pesticide atrazine – with its possible links to breast cancer – is making headlines as the EPA opens a new investigation and a member of Congress calls for its outright abolition. What does the leading breast cancer advocacy organization say about atrazine? Nothing. It’s busy peddling pink buckets of deep-fried chicken breasts. Really.

Silence gives consent.
– Thirteenth-century Roman Catholic canon law

In the middle of the nation sit three states all beginning with the letter I: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa. The middle of the middlemost one – central Illinois – is where I come from.

Living in the center of an entire continent was comforting when I was a child, and I was perplexed by newcomers who claimed to feel trapped here. Clearly, the compass points all extended to the cornstalk-edged horizon, the roads shot out in all four directions with equal ease, and neither oceans nor mountain ranges prevented escape. (So feel free to leave any time.)”

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