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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has inspired extensive corporate advertising.

Title: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has inspired extensive corporate advertising.

Author: Jane L. Levere

Publication: New York Times

Publication Date: October 3, 1996

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed during October, has inspired national advertising and promotional campaigns worth millions of dollars by companies that traditionally sell to women, like Lee Apparel and J. C. Penney, and others not usually associated with women’s issues, like Boston Market.

There are several reasons that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — established in 1985 to promote early detection of the disease that strikes one out of nine women in the United States — has gained increasing corporate advertising support.

One is the current popularity of cause-related marketing. According to Lesa Ukman, executive editor of the newsletter IEG Sponsorship Report, ”the way to sell a product in 1996, whether it’s a record or a gallon of gas, is to tie it in to things consumers care about, not differentiating it by price or product attributes.”

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